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Bio Leonard van Nunen

Leonard van Nunen (hcp. 16,6) studied Communication Science in Amsterdam and started as a consultant at Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) in 1998. From the beginning of his career, he has been involved in customer contact, customer relationship management and customer satisfaction projects. In 2002, after a freelance assignment at INGLife in South Korea, he started working at CendrisBSC as a senior consultant in the field of Customer Contact Management. For Cendris BSC, Leonard went to Cape Town, South Africa where his passion for golf was sparked, upon his return in 2005 the idea arose to set up a business related to his passion. At the beginning of 2007, Leonard started working at Boer & Croon, Nextrategy, where customer (contact) strategy again took a central place in the projects for various clients. At the municipality of Utrecht, Leonard eventually decided to take the plunge and start Golf Improvements for himself.

While acquiring his first projects for Golfimprovements Leonard discovered Leading Courses at that time a reviewing platform for golf courses. Since Leonard was playing a lot of courses in The Netherlands he started reviewing them and also had some feedback for the founders. After visiting their office a couple of times they asked him to stay. He has helped them on several tasks currently he has the role of Evangelist and runs a group of 20 odd international Ambassadors to help Leading Course increase it’s footprint in Europe.

While spending so much time on different golf course (Leonard has reviewed 450+ courses in 30+ countries) he got interested in Golf Course Design. Currently Leonard is a Golf Course Architect Apprentice under the guidance of the renowned Dutch designer Alan Rijks. Coached by Alan Leonard is preparing to join the EIGCA vocational qualification in golf course design.

Leonard’s focus in the coming period will be on improving his short game  and ticking off courses of his ultimate playing list.