Golf Improvements: Analyses, advises and implements improvement processes at golf courses and makes the improvements measurable and visible so that the customers of your course use your golf course and facilities with greater satisfaction. One of the most important aspects of our approach is that we look at the golf course from the golfer’s point of view and help determine their focus which can be both on quality and efficiency, our experience shows that these go together. Golf Improvements has three spearheads: Strategy, Member retention and recruitment and Company memberships / Business club

Course Design: Leonard is currently a Golf Course Architect Apprentice for Alan Rijks. Rijks is one of the most prominent designers in The Netherlands. He is a senior member of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects. and has designed over 65 projects at home and abroad. Leonard is working on his portfolio by designing       

Leading Courses: Every month, over 400,000 golfers check the 21,234 golf clubs, 25,288 golf courses and 268,655 photos on, the largest golf course review site of Europe. Leonard is currently as Evangelist in charge of the Leading Courses Ambassadors program. With 18 Ambassadors from 15 countries around the world that help grow the brand of Leading Courses    


Leading Courses

  Golf Course Architecture